Being one of the most constructive sectors in our life, being part of the early years of each of us, the educational sector is definitely one of the first sectors any person would be affected by, whether through his/her studies, children, or relatives.

The educational process is important to all of us, hence, we targeted towards building a product that enhance and increase the collaboration between all parties within this process, we built our product, ELITE, Electronic Learning Information-system for Team Education.

The product aims to develop and enhance the educational process at all levels within the educational sector, it increases the communication and collaboration between different parties involved through the process and ensures that information is shared and is up to date between all parties.

ELITE is built on top of the latest market technologies, it consists of three main components that maybe utilized all as a one package within the organization or isolated to different components as per the client's requirements.

These components are:

1. Website
2. Staff Portal
3. Parents/Students Portal

Through the website, the institute is able to publish and produce information about itself in a timely, collaborative, and professional manner. The solution shares a unified repository which reduces the duplication of efforts and work in producing information to any of the solution's components. The website consists of several plug and play components that allow the website administrator to take advantage of them within the website easily such as the content approval process, photo galleries, news, calendar of events, and many other components.

The staff portal provides the infrastructure for collaboration between all institution’s staff, whether teachers, administrative employees, or supporting employees, all share the same environment in which internal notifications are posted, important policies are shared, documents, exams, work sheets, study sheets, and researches are stored and archived. Moreover, the portal allows defining areas in which this information is categorized per department, knowledge, level, or any other designated hierarchy.

The solution also provides the option of utilizing and building workflows such leave and vacation requests which provide the institution with a seamless environment to review, approve, and reject requests within the staff of it.

The parents'/students' portal is the main communication channel between the institution, its teachers, management, and staff with the students and their parents.

Through this portal, students are classified within their classes and subjects, assignments are defined, resolved, corrected, and marked. Virtual class rooms recording, researches, helpful links, and work sheets are available through the portal.

Parents can view the performance and behavior of their subordinates at any given time through the portal and may communicate with the teachers through the portal regarding their activities.

As such, the portal provides all communication requirements to ensure all parties within the learning process are updated with each other.

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